Unleash the hidden value of your gold bracelets at Brisbane Gold Brokers, where we specialise in purchasing various types of gold bracelets. Whether you have classic bangles, intricate charm bracelets, or elegant chain bracelets that no longer grace your wrist, we offer you a trusted platform to transform these treasures into cash. Selling your gold bracelets to us ensures you receive the highest payouts, swift transactions, and expert appraisals to maximise the return on your precious items.

How much is my gold bracelet worth?

To calculate the value of your gold bracelet simply enter the bracelets’s purity (carat) and the weight into our free gold calculator which uses live gold prices. If you’re not sure about this just give us call or visit our store – We would love to help you discover the value of your gold bracelet!

Is my old gold bracelet worth anything?

Yes, your old gold bracelet may have significant value! The worth of a gold bracelet is influenced by factors such as its weight, purity, and design. At Brisbane Gold Brokers, we specialise in evaluating and offering top value for gold bracelets. Whether it’s a vintage piece or a modern design, we’re here to offer you the most cash for your gold bracelet.

Why Choose Us for Selling Your Gold Bracelets?

Highest Payouts: We offer the best market rates for your gold bracelets, ensuring that you receive top-dollar for your items.

Expert Appraisals: Our team provides private and secure appraisal services, utilising the latest technology for accurate evaluations.

Fast Transactions: You can receive cash within minutes of your appraisal, making the process quick and hassle-free.

How to Sell Your Gold Bracelet

To sell your gold bracelet to Brisbane’s best gold buyers, follow these steps:

Visit Our Store: We’re conveniently located at 180 Queen St, Suite 501, Brisbane, QLD. Our store is open from Monday to Friday between 9:30 AM and 4:30 PM.

Call Us: If you have any questions or need more information about selling your gold bracelet, feel free to call us at 1300 88 79 02. Our team is here to assist you with any inquiries you may have.

Online: You can also use the contact form on our website to send us a message. We’ll respond promptly to your queries.

Whether you have old, unwanted, or broken gold bracelets, we’re ready to buy them from you, providing you with the best payouts and a hassle-free selling experience.