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1oz krugerrands special price
$3,673.50 $3,637.83

1oz South African Krugerrand Gold Coin

  • Gold Purity: 22ct 0.916%
  • Weight: 1oz fine gold 34 grams
  • Country of Origin: South Africa

Minted since 1967, the Krugerrand holds the title of the most widely held bullion coin globally. With over 48 million coins produced by the South African Mint, the Krugerrand is a symbol of enduring value. Crafted from 22-carat gold (91.67%) and 8.33% copper, each Krugerrand weighs 34 grams, containing 1oz of pure gold.

1oz gold special price
$3,673.50 $3,637.83

1oz Gold Items

  • Gold Purity: 24ct 999.9%
  • Weight: 1oz fine gold 31 grams
  • Country of Origin: Australia

The 1oz Gold Items, featuring selections from esteemed mints like ABC and Perth Mint, embody a legacy of timeless value. Struck from the finest 24-carat gold, these items represent a pinnacle in bullion craftsmanship. Each piece, weighing 1 ounce, is a testament to the commitment of renowned mints to produce gold of unparalleled purity and quality.

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