Ready and at Your Service

Brisbane Gold Brokers is 100% Australian owned and operated. It was officially established in 2011, but the experience of it’s founding representative brokers spans beyond over 20 years, with collective expertise in valuation practice over 40 years, providing the firm a maturity and understanding of gold that ensures precision, and great returns for our customers. We endeavour to provide excellent service every time, and implore all customers to come and see us.

Find a warm Brisbane Gold Brokers staff member today, ready, awaiting and at your service.

Following in Grandfather’s Footsteps

The founding of Brisbane Gold Brokers in 2011 was an historic family milestone, stemming its heritage from a long ancestry of gold valuation and broking professionals. As a client of Brisbane Gold Brokers, you are far more valuable than the gold you’re selling, and it’s through our unique and generational history that we’ve come to understand how true this is. Part of abiding by our code and mission, is providing our customers strong and honest payouts to reflect to them, that we understand the true value of their gold.

International Markets

The experience and scope of our firm is vast, and boasts foundational roots amongst both national and international markets. We work professionally with clients from many cultures and observe a shrinking of disparity in the market, which we both encourage, and are in a strong position to influence. When you do plan to sell gold, come to our Brisbane store and you’ll notice this difference. It’s what allows us to make a difference in equality, and provide a human experience that you can be confident in.

Future For Brisbane Gold Brokers

We understand gold, our customers and the limitations of a bustling life when it comes to selling gold. It’s part of our goal to be there, and provide convenience to our customers, not only to help us build relationship with you, but to help you navigate life more easily when it comes time to sell your gold. We plan on reaching out to more locations, broadening our reach and helping more customers along the way.