Quick overview of this Article:

  • 2022 Christmas spending capacity limited due to rate rises
  • Cost of living further impacting ability to spend
  • Growing reluctance to spend due to risk of further rate rises
  • Some consumers turn to ‘pay later’ services
  • Brisbane Gold Brokers offer a reliable financing option.

Christmas is an incredible time of year and most of us can’t help but feel the contagious spirit of the season and carry an extra spring in our step as a result. With Christmas, comes a time of generosity and giving, as well as relaxation which brings holidays and a little more dining out, and with a change in lifestyle and priorities, comes a little extra pressure on finances. At Brisbane Gold Brokers, we love Christmas, and you’ll find the spirit of Christmas always there with us as we work to prioritise our clients and make for a personable experience during the lead up to Santa’s arrival.

It’s no secret that hiking interest rates are complicating the spending capacity this Christmas making the ability for consumers to spend on Christmas gifts a little harder this year. With rate rises along with the higher cost of living, comes the reduced capacity and willingness to spend big on presents, holidays and going out. Furthermore, spending reluctance is higher due to the risk of further rate rises by the RBA to come. Whilst the rate rises don’t appear in the spirit of Christmas, citizens of Australia are assured it’s a strategy to get our economy back on track, and fortunately it seems we won’t have any interest rate rises in the month of January 2023 due to the holiday break.

Due to the economic climate, it can be tempting to find options to financially support Christmas spending through advance payment options that are commonly available at popular retail stores. This is certainly an option and possibly one that might work for some consumers, which will temporarily offset the pinch that comes with spending this Christmas. However, if you’re considering another option, Brisbane Gold Brokers can support your purchase capacity this Christmas by inviting you to bring in your unwanted gold items and see the prices we can offer you for your valuable. We pride ourselves on being Brisbane’s highest paying brokers offering the highest prices for gold items, watches, diamonds and jewellery all year round.

From the team at Brisbane Gold Brokers, we want to wish you a warm and joyous Christmas, and hope that you have a wonderful time with friends and family, which is what matters most of all.