Political influencers: Learning through Reusable Plastic Bag initiatives

Reusable plastic bags are at the forefront of current news, being on the radar for meeting the affirmative ‘environmental’ initiatives mandated within Queensland – a positive environmental and economic response of business operations.

The increase of reusable forms of bags could influence commodity trade sector, with respect to the raw materials used in production of these bags (hemp, cotton and bamboo etc), which may directly shift a countries GDP and influence economic conditions, a political factor that can influence commodity pricing and associated trends, and one that we can learn from.

Commodity Trend Identification

Commodity trend identification, when looking at any market (this article looks at Gold specifically), makes room for prediction to inform trade opportunity. Its a process like learning to understand the mechanics that fuel or undermine economic growth, it’s also informed by knowledge such as research, empirical data and processes over time, which develop and inform an approach to quality understanding and decision making.

Ed Seykota – a famous Wall Street Trader once summarised that part of the effectiveness of a trader was their ability to pick trends. By picking trends, shifts can be predicted within the market. This informs the traders ability to leverage underlying knowledge, hidden beneath usual seasonal processes, avoiding being subject to the unseen factors that influence change. Just as “Birds head south for the Winter”, companies and market influencers also have processes that they engage in for their own economic survival.

Successful Trade Starts Here

By spending time with the Gold Price, trade pricing (particularly broker purchase rates as informed by our website’s Gold Calculator), as well as other information distribution and knowledge/market analysis hubs, over time you’ll be able to make more informed decisions around favourable trade conditions.

Some key points to consider when approaching and observing trends include:

  • The length of isolated market trend influencers or the trends themselves. Avoid being misled by market trends being influenced by temporary or spontaneous factors, and look out for prolonged knee-jerk reactions
  • Analyse trends in other markets. This will provide you with unique and comparable insights into gold commodity trends
  • Work out what you need to identify in a market trend, to help maximise peaks and capitalising on high profit opportunity.

The book “Gold Trading Boot Camp How to Master the Basics and Become a Successful Commodities Investor” by Gregory T. Weldon is an unforgettable resource for helping traders not only develop a sixth sense for effective trading, but is a guide informing risk factors, risk mitigation, trend assessment criteria, while exposing factors to look for trade opportunity, helping traders to read the landscape of commodity trading and understand the direct influencers of market fluctuations.