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Live Gold Price - $1400.23 (ozt)

Live Gold + Silver Prices

We Don't Promise The Highest Payouts
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24k Gold Items $47.27 Per Gram
22k Gold Items$43.33 Per Gram
20k Gold Items$39.39 Per Gram
18k Gold Items$35.45 Per Gram
14k Gold Items$27.57 Per Gram
9k Gold Items$17.73 Per Gram
8k Gold Items$15.76 Per Gram
Gold Sovereigns$346.64 Per Coin
1oz Gold Item$1400.23 (ozt)
1kg 24k Gold Bar$45018.44 Per Bar

Live Silver Price $19.48 (ozt)
999 Silver Items$0.63 Per Gram
950 Silver Items$0.59 Per Gram
925 Silver Items$0.58 Per Gram
1kg 999 Silver bar$626.30 Per Bar

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Cash for gold jewellery

Whether it's unwanted jewellery or scrap gold, contact us - Brisbane and Gold Coast's Premier Gold Brokers - and we'll exchange your gold for cold hard cash, at returns that you won't find anywhere else. We buy gold bracelets, gold coins, gold earrings, gold rings and anything else that is wholly or partly gold.

If you are unsure whether or not your items are sellable, give us a call and our friendly staff will organise to value your gold, and pay top dollar should you wish to sell.

Send In Your Gold and Get Paid!

Although we offer in-store gold valuing as well as a personal 'we come to you' gold valuing service, we understand that you may be busy and therefore extend our services to include FREE gold valuing by mail. 10% fee applies. It's a safe and convenient way to have your gold valued.

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Using the Gold Calculator

The gold calculator is a tool that uses real-time gold prices to calculate the return you'll get for your goods. If you know how much your gold weighs and it's purity (carat), simply enter the values into the calculator to the left to receive an instant estimation of how much your gold is worth.

Once you're done, simply call us on 1300 88 79 02, visit our store or click here to order your FREE and insured Gold Pack.

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